Welcome to the Party University.

WE LOVE COLLEGE is all about having fun at our awesome parties. We are based in Vlissingen, The Netherlands. Stay up to date and join us on social media. 

with support of APV Housing, HZ University of Applied Sciences and UCR.

Next Event 6th of March.

Get your schedule and mark Friday 6th of March! Last edition (sold out) in Timmerfabriek we planted our roots in an industrial environment. Together with Apv.

Date: Friday 6th of March 2020
Time: 22.00 – 03.30 (Doors close at 01.00)
🎓 Location
Regular € 12,50 (ex. fee)
Regular + Bus Transfer € 13,50 (ex.fee)

Buy your tickets now here online

Transport has been arranged from Middelburg center to De Lasloods in Vlissingen, and back!

Whether these are shuttle buses or 1 large party bus, will be apparent from the actual ticket sales. Buy a Regular + Bus Ticket and be 100% sure of transportation to and from the party. Actual details will follow later, but expect to leave between 22.00 – 23.00 and go back between 03.00 and 03.45.

6 DJs + 1 Special Act – to be announced…